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Graduación 2017-2

Base template is the solid theme based on Expose, our fast and slick theme framwork! It takes full advantage of all the latest Expose features like semantic xHTML markup, a nice and clean administration UI, Xpert Mega Menu and much more.

Base template is an optimized and streamlined theme and serves as blueprint to build your own custom themes. It offers 4 different theme styles to get you started right away. Every bits of codes are well documented and we've added Less files which make your customization more faster.

Expose features

  • Flexible & powerful Layout system
  • liRsponsive layout
  • Highly Customizable & full Controll over styling
  • RTL support
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • CSS and JS code compression
  • Domination over Typography
  • 3 Menu system (Mega, Split, Dropine)
  • Menu based component disabling
  • Per Position module styling
  • Built in jQuery.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • Extensible widgets

Module Variations

This theme comes with different module styles, badges and icons. For each module you can pick a style and combine it with an icon or badge to create your own unique look. Enter any available suffixes at Extensions → Module Manager → Module → Module Class Suffix.

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